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Treating Sleep Apnea Without CPAP

By McKinney Smiles | Feb 18, 2020

For patients with obstructive sleep apnea, treating their disorder becomes vitally important to help lower their risk for a variety of diseases. In case you don’t know, obstructive sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that causes the tissue located in the back of the throat to collapse, blocking the airway. This creates an obstruction that…

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sleep apnea dentist in McKinney

Is Tongue Size the Key to Treating Sleep Apnea?

By McKinney Smiles | Jan 14, 2020

As a sleep apnea dentist in McKinney, Dr. Lawrence often advices patients on the best practices for helping to reduce the symptoms caused by their sleep disorder. Frequently, patients who deal with obstructive sleep apnea are told to lose weight, as weight gain can exacerbate apnea symptoms. Now a new study suggests that losing fat…

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McKinney dental care

The Origins of Dental Hygiene

By McKinney Smiles | Dec 19, 2019

The profession of dentistry has come a long way from the early days to how we provide McKinney dental care today. For years, patients who dealt with tooth pain wouldn’t visit a dentist or even a doctor to cure what ailed them. Instead, they would head down to see the local barber who would pull…

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McKinney Smiles Selected as Cosmetic Dentist of 2019 from the Best of McKinney Awards!

By McKinney Smiles | Nov 27, 2019

We want to thank the McKinney Business Recognition, the McKinney community, and our wonderful patients for recognizing our hard work and caring nature at McKinney Smiles. We wouldn’t be where we are today without all your support throughout the years!   From the McKinney Business Recognition It is our pleasure to inform you that McKinney…

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McKinney Smiles

Gum Disease Linked to High Blood Pressure

By McKinney Smiles | Oct 10, 2019

As we have covered many times in the McKinney Smiles blog, our oral health matters to more than just our teeth and gums. Over the last couple of decades, more and more research has emerged that shows surprising connections between our oral health and chronic problems that can affect everything from our heart, brain, and…

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Antioxidants can Help to Improve Our Oral Health

By McKinney Smiles | Sep 11, 2019

At our family dentistry in McKinney, Dr. Lawrence often talks to patients about the importance of eating a balanced diet. As most of us have heard since childhood, eating a lot of sugar increases our risk for tooth decay and cavities. While the idea that eating sugar causes cavities is only partially true (plaque actually…

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The Worst Foods for Your Oral Health

The Worst Foods for Your Oral Health

By McKinney Smiles | Aug 10, 2019

As a cosmetic dentist in McKinney, TX, Dr. Lawrence believes the types of food his patients eat can say a lot about the current state of their oral health. Many types of foods and drinks can help to promote the further buildup of plaque that leads to the development of cavities and gum disease. That’s…

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cosmetic dentistry in McKinney

The Not So Sweet Side of Sugar

By McKinney Smiles | Jul 14, 2019

If you have a sweet tooth, chances are you might eventually need cosmetic dentistry in McKinney. We say that not because Dr. Lawrence and the rest of our staff at McKinney Smiles don’t enjoy the occasional chocolatey treat, but because of what a growing amount of research has to say about sugar. In recent years,…

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senior dental care in McKinney, TX

Five Reasons Why Senior Dental Care Really Matters

By McKinney Smiles | Jun 13, 2019

At McKinney Smiles, we understand that aging causes many of us to let our oral health become a secondary priority. Whether due to a lack of dental insurance or a shift in priorities, not enough patients receive senior dental care in McKinney, TX as needed. Unfortunately, ignoring our oral health during the late stages of…

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