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The Not So Sweet Side of Sugar

By McKinney Smiles | Nov 14, 2016

If you have a sweet tooth, chances are you might eventually need cosmetic dentistry in McKinney. We say that not because Dr. Lawrence and the rest of our staff at McKinney Smiles don’t enjoy the occasional chocolatey treat, but because of what a growing amount of research has to say about sugar. In recent years,…

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Nanoparticles the Key to Better Oral Health

By McKinney Smiles | Oct 22, 2016

The days of your McKinney dentist recommending the best antibacterial mouthwashes and most effective toothpastes for tartar control could soon be over. The best thing to help protect the long-term health of your teeth and gums, according to University of Pennsylvania researchers, might one day soon be nanoparticles. According to a new study involving rats,…

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No Link Between Gum Disease & Arthritis

By McKinney Smiles | Jun 13, 2016

As patients of McKinney family dentist Dr. Paul Lawrence know, individuals that suffer from gum disease and tooth decay have a significantly higher risk of developing a range of chronic illnesses. Recent studies have found compelling links between oral disease and such long-term health problems as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, dementia, and cancer. While more…

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How Many People Really Floss

By McKinney Smiles | May 12, 2016

While many of our patients at McKinney Smiles happily embrace their need to floss, it’s not uncommon for Dr. Lawrence and our staff of gentle dental hygienists to see the signs of a poor flossing habit when patients come to see their family dentist in McKinney. If you don’t take flossing as seriously as recommended,…

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Oral Bacteria Linked to Pancreatic Cancer

By McKinney Smiles | Apr 29, 2016

The presence of a specific type of oral bacteria may show an increased risk for patients suffering from pancreatic cancer and enable earlier and more comprehensive treatment. This finding was the primary take away from a study conducted by researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center that will be presented at the annual meeting of the…

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8 Ways To Beat Back Bad Breath

By McKinney Smiles | Mar 30, 2016

It’s easy to improve your breath and keep your gums and teeth healthy at the same time. As a cosmetic dental care provider in McKinney, Dr. Lawrence understands that patients want to enjoy the freshest breath possible while maintaining their busy schedules. Fortunately, you don’t need to dedicate too much time to keeping your breath…

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Antidepressants Linked To Implant Failure

By McKinney Smiles | Mar 30, 2016

Antidepressants, a drug frequently used to treat pain, anxiety and other disorders, may actually play a part in dental implant failure, according to a study conducted by researchers at the University at Buffalo. While implant failure can depend on a variety of factors, patients of our family dentistry in McKinney should know that Dr. Lawrence…

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The Link Between Heart & Oral Health

By McKinney Smiles | Feb 8, 2016

As a family dentistry in McKinney, our staff at McKinney Smiles wants all of our patients to enjoy the very best oral health possible. Those who regularly read our McKinney Smiles Blog know that their oral health plays a much bigger role in protecting their overall health than what might be assumed. The mouth acts…

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More Fluoride Means Stronger Teeth

By McKinney Smiles | Jan 19, 2016

Patients Choice Winner Dr. Paul Lawrence and the rest of our staff at McKinney Smiles strives to protect the oral health of our community. We know how important dental care in McKinney is to the long-term health of our friends, family and neighbors. To help provide you with information needed to protect your family’s health,…

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