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If you desire a whiter, brighter smile, or you want to improve the shape, color, or position of your teeth, dentist in McKinney Dr. Paul Lawrence can provide the cosmetic dental care you require to help restore the confidence back to your smile.

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Our dental practice looks at things a little differently than most. We think dental visits should be fun! And we’re convinced that happy patients result in happy smiles. But a smile isn’t just something you wear on your face. It comes from the inside, from a feeling that everything’s okay. So that’s where we begin. We strive to be the best dentist in McKinney Texas!

New Patient Specials

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  • Low Monthly Payments On Invisalign

  • Emergency Dental Care

  • Dental Wellness Plan

At McKinney Smiles, we understand the importance of making dental care affordable for all of our patients, especially those without insurance. That's why we are currently offering New Patient Special Offers to all new patients without insurance.

A healthy smile requires receiving regular dental care. With our special offers, you will receive a detailed consultation where the current state of your oral health and a future treatment plan will be discussed.

Neglecting the health of your teeth and gums can cause serious long-term problems to develop. Allowing tooth decay and gum disease to destroy your smile can also rob you of the confidence needed to look and feel your best.

Getting the smile you've always wanted is now more affordable than ever. Take back control of your oral health by taking advantage of our special offers today!

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Want a Straighter Smile?

A straighter, healthier looking smile can give you a much needed confidence boost while also helping to improve your long-term oral health. By undergoing orthodontic treatment with our team at McKinney Smiles, you can finally achieve the type of smile you've been dreaming of showing. 

Dr. Lawrence will give you the smile you’ve always wanted. For over 10 years as a dentist in McKinney Texas, Dr. Lawrence has been helping McKinney residents correct crooked or misaligned smiles by using orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth and improve how they eat, brush, floss, and feel about themselves. 

Don't wait to improve the health and appearance of your smile any longer. Contact our team at McKinney Smiles today to schedule your orthodontic consultation with Dr. Lawrence, and take the first step towards a healthier, more confident you! 

Need A Cleaning?

A healthy smile requires practicing quality oral hygiene at home on a daily basis. By brushing and flossing, you can remove most of the harmful bacteria that threaten the long-term health of your teeth and gums. However, brushing and flossing alone won't fully protect the health of your smile.

Regular cleanings help to remove plaque deposits and to heal the type of gum inflammation that leads to the development of disease and decay. Without receiving regular preventative dental care, your oral health will decline and will eventually require costly treatments to repair. 

Getting regularly scheduled cleanings is the best way to keep your teeth healthy and avoid unnecessary pain or expenses. Join your friends at McKinney Smiles and call 972-542-8400 or click here to schedule your exam and cleaning today!

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What our patients are saying

Donna Marsh


Everyone in this office was friendly and professional. Dr. Lawrence was personable and spent time talking to me. I feel I received excellent care here and my whole family is coming here now.

Melanie Nichols


I absolutely love this office. Everyone is very professional and pleasant!!!! It is a very happy office and I always feel welcome. I could not be happier with Dr. Lawrence… He truly cares about his patients, their comfort, and happiness.

Erin N.


Great dentist and great office! The whole staff was so friendly and helpful. They did a good job with my appointment (just a routine cleaning), and I liked that they explained everything they were doing. I've also been to dentists where I felt like they were trying to squeeze every bit of money they could out of me, and this was not like that at all. I would definitely recommend McKinney Smiles!

Allie D.


Love this office! The entire staff is awesome and very professional! I would definitely recommend coming here if you are looking for a great dentist!

Taryn R.


I had the best experience! Everyone was very friendly and professional. I highly recommend giving them a call! Even if you do not have insurance, they do have options for you!

Sarah P.


The office staff was very warm, welcoming and knowledgeable. The doctor took the time to actually listen to my concerns. I would definitely recommend this office! Very pleased with my whole dental experience!!! I can’t wait to go in for my next appointment!

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