Study Finds Missing Teeth on the Decline

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For Dr. Lawrence, seeing healthy, happy smiles in McKinney, Texas is more than a profession–it’s a mission. That’s why the team at McKinney Smiles is personally invested in the results of a new study by the International and American Associations for Dental Research (IADR/AADR) about the future of edentulism, or missing teeth.

Missing teeth are on the decline

While it may be an uncommon site at McKinney Smiles, edentulism is a still a worldwide health concern. However, the latest study, lead by Gary Slad of University of North Carolina and published in Journal of Dental Research, shows a positive future for the USA’s teeth.

The study follows trends in US edentulism by population, finding that overall edentulism has declined significantly in the last five decades, and that this rate of that decline is determined, in part, by income. Higher income households saw a steeper rate of decline in lost teeth over the past century, while lower income houses were slower to improve. Further, in geographic regions where the overall population has a lower or higher income, edentulism is correspondingly more concentrated or more scarce.

A bright future ahead

The findings suggest both that the last five decades’ improvement in dental care access and education have provided significant improvements to the longevity of patients’ smiles in the USA. However, it also highlights the reality that income is still a factor in dental health– and because edentulism can effect other aspects of a over-all health, this is important to address.

Patient education and regular dental visits are absolutely critical to maintaining optimal dental health in our community. That’s why McKinney Smiles takes pride in providing our patients with a fun, friendly, and comfortable clinic experience that keeps our patients coming back again and again. Call us or schedule online for your next appointment with Dr. Lawrence today; we look forward to years of happy smiles together!

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