Dental Sleep Medicine is the Key to a Better Night’s Rest

sleep apnea in McKinney

For patients dealing with sleep apnea in McKinney, dental sleep medicine offers an effective treatment option for dealing with sleep-disordered breathing, including obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). At McKinney Smiles, Dr. Lawrence offers patients a variety of sleep apnea in McKinney treatment options that don’t include the use of CPAP. Dr. Lawrence understands that many of…

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No Link Between Gum Disease & Arthritis

McKinney family dentist

As patients of McKinney family dentist Dr. Paul Lawrence know, individuals that suffer from gum disease and tooth decay have a significantly higher risk of developing a range of chronic illnesses. Recent studies have found compelling links between oral disease and such long-term health problems as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, dementia, and cancer. While more…

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How Many People Really Floss

family dentist in McKinney

While many of our patients at McKinney Smiles happily embrace their need to floss, it’s not uncommon for Dr. Lawrence and our staff of gentle dental hygienists to see the signs of a poor flossing habit when patients come to see their family dentist in McKinney. If you don’t take flossing as seriously as recommended,…

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Oral Bacteria Linked to Pancreatic Cancer

McKinney dentist

The presence of a specific type of oral bacteria may show an increased risk for patients suffering from pancreatic cancer McKinney and enable earlier and more comprehensive treatment. This finding was the primary take away from a study conducted by researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center that will be presented at the annual meeting of…

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Stress During Pregnancy Increases Kids' Risk OF Tooth Decay

Dentist in McKinney

Welcome to the Dentist in McKinney Blog! Most people understand all too well what stress can do to their mental and overall health. However, what many might not realize is the effect stress can have on the babies of pregnant women. Stress during pregnancy has long been linked to a number of poor health implications…

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