Dental Sleep Medicine is the Key to a Better Night’s Rest

sleep apnea in McKinney

For patients dealing with sleep apnea in McKinney, dental sleep medicine offers an effective treatment option for dealing with sleep-disordered breathing, including obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). At McKinney Smiles, Dr. Lawrence offers patients a variety of sleep apnea in McKinney treatment options that don’t include the use of CPAP. Dr. Lawrence understands that many of…

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Is Tongue Size the Key to Treating Sleep Apnea?

sleep apnea dentist in McKinney

As a sleep apnea dentist in McKinney, Dr. Lawrence often advices patients on the best practices for helping to reduce the symptoms caused by their sleep disorder. Frequently, patients who deal with obstructive sleep apnea are told to lose weight, as weight gain can exacerbate apnea symptoms. Now a new study suggests that losing fat…

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Sleep Apnea May Increase the Risk for Gout

Treatment for sleep apnea in McKinney

At McKinney Smiles, our team appreciates the benefits of a good night’s sleep. That’s why Dr. Lawrence offers treatment for sleep apnea in McKinney. Patients who experience nightly sleep apnea have a significantly higher risk for developing a range of chronic symptoms that include daytime drowsiness, morning headaches, irritability, problems concentrating and many more. Now…

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No Link Between Gum Disease & Arthritis

McKinney family dentist

As patients of McKinney family dentist Dr. Paul Lawrence know, individuals that suffer from gum disease and tooth decay have a significantly higher risk of developing a range of chronic illnesses. Recent studies have found compelling links between oral disease and such long-term health problems as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, dementia, and cancer. While more…

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How Many People Really Floss

family dentist in McKinney

While many of our patients at McKinney Smiles happily embrace their need to floss, it’s not uncommon for Dr. Lawrence and our staff of gentle dental hygienists to see the signs of a poor flossing habit when patients come to see their family dentist in McKinney. If you don’t take flossing as seriously as recommended,…

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