Resolutions for Resplendent Dental Health

Happy New Years Mckinney Texas

Every January 1st, we reflect on the past year and resolve to make changes that will help us be the best people we can be. Sometimes they are big, like resolutions to get a new job, and some are small, like the resolution to remember to feed your fish.

Well, sometimes small resolutions– small changes– can make a big difference.

Here are our suggestions for small changes you can make in the New Year that will make a big difference for your oral health!

Wear a mouthguard

If you play sports, or, like many people– you grind your teeth at night (called bruxism), wearing a mouthguard is essential. It may not seem like a big deal day after day, but bruxism slowly wears down your teeth. Actually, what it wears down first is your dental enamel— making your teeth more vulnerable to bacteria in your mouth and cavities.

And of course, playing sports doesn’t usually include damaging oral injuries– but that’s just it, you never can tell. And that one unfortunate event has a high chance of involving expensive dental procedures to fix it– take precautions, because a mouthguard is much less expensive than oral surgery!


At McKinney Smiles, we know that almost all of our patients floss their teeth the daily recommended amount. However, we also know that sometimes time can get away from you,and at the end of a long hard day, that strip of dental floss is just one more obstacle in between you and your bed.

The problem is, flossing is half the battle when it comes to daily oral care. There are many places in your mouth that even the best electric toothbrush can’t reach– and that’s where flossing comes in. Flossing removes plaque, food, and other gunky things that bacteria love from between your teeth, which is the perfect place for a cavity to start. If you stick with flossing each day, you never give them a chance!

Consider a fluoride rinse

Fluoride is a potent foe of cavity-causing bacteria. In many parts of the world, fluoride occurs naturally, albeit in very, very small doses, in groundwater itself. But in America, we have to make our own fluoride fun.

One minute of vigorous swishing with a fluoride rinse can make a huge difference after your usual brushing and flossing. Fluoride stops cavities from forming, but it also helps rebuild dental enamel, so teeth are less vulnerable to cavities. If you prefer, fluoride dental floss is also available, then you can kill two birds with one stone– or two… bacteria with one stone.

Happy New Year!

This year, we encourage you to make a few small changes that will make a big difference in your oral health. We can’t wait to see you at your next appointment to Dr. Lawrence, your McKinney TX dentist.

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