The Value of Senior Dental Care Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

dentist for seniors in McKinney, TX

As a dentist for seniors in McKinney, TX, Dr. Lawrence wants his patients to fully understand how the link between their oral health has been fully established. While maintaining a healthy smile matters for adults of all ages, it takes on even more importance for seniors. The older a person becomes, the more susceptible they…

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How We’re Making Your Next Visit a Safer One

family dental care provider in McKinney

As a trusted family dental care provider in McKinney, Dr. Lawrence and the rest of our team at McKinney Smiles want to welcome back all of our patients after their time away during quarantine. Now that patients can once again receive non-emergency dental care, we hope to see all of your familiar faces at our…

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Study Finds Face Masks Effective at Preventing Virus Spread

cosmetic dentist in McKinney

As we all deal with the new normal of life under the coronavirus pandemic, taking precautions to help limit the spread of the virus becomes key if we don’t want to return to isolating at home. Having the ability to visit your cosmetic dentist in McKinney for non-emergency care requires that infection rates stay down.…

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Answering Your Common Cold And Flu Questions

family dentistry in McKinney

At your family dentistry in McKinney, we want all of our patients to enjoy the very best health this cold and flu season. While brushing and flossing daily can help to reduce your risk for a number of chronic health conditions, the habits don’t do much to protect you from the airborne viruses that float around…

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