Taking Care Of Your Tooth Enamel

McKinney Texas Dental Care

Your enamel, or that thin white covering on your teeth, is actually one of the hardest substances in your entire body. And that tooth enamel should also be around for your entire life if you take care of it properly. The enamel is vital to your oral health as it protects the crown of your tooth, and is the only part of your tooth that should be observable above your gums. As we live our lives, tooth enamel can become worn down and incur minor damage, but there are also many important things you can do to keep this vital barrier intact and your teeth cavity-free. Here are a few enamel tips from your McKinney dentist at McKinney Smiles.

Watch Your Sugar Intake

We all may know that sugar is bad for our teeth, but do you know why? It’s because sugars become acids inside your mouth, and these acids can etch away your teeth enamel shortening their life, and making them prone to decay. The worst sugary treats for your teeth include sticky and chewy candies, sour candies, as well as many soft drinks, which all have large amounts of sugars as well as added acids. After you eat or drink a high sugar food, try rinsing your mouth with water to help alleviate any acid buildup.

Enamel Beneficial Foods

As you may have heard, calcium is good for your teeth, and that’s because it lessens effects of acid on your enamel. Foods that are high in calcium include dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt. You can also try foods likes tofu and collard greens. Many other foods, such as cereal, have added calcium and can be a good choice as well.

Don’t Brush Too Hard or Too Long

When you brush your teeth too vigorously, or for too long of a period, you can also impact your enamel. “Using too hard a bristle can also have negative effects on enamel,” reminds McKinney dentist Dr. Paul Lawrence. Finding a brush that has soft bristles and spending the recommended 2-4 minutes of brushing all over your mouth is best. Also, be sure to wait a bit after eating high acid foods like citrus juice or candy before brushing, as the acids can soften the enamel and you will actually help brush it away if you brush too soon.

Fluoride: The Mighty Tooth Strengthener

Fluoride is often recommended as it can assist in reinforcing your enamel and even helps heal small amounts of tooth decay. Using fluoride can also help your enamel and teeth become more impervious to those etching acids that can build up in your mouth. Find yourself a good fluoridated toothpaste and use it even on your child’s teeth as it can help throughout enamel’s  lifetime.

The Stomach Acid Threat

Any afflictions like heartburn, where acids from the stomach can creep towards your mouth, are very bad for your enamel and can damage your teeth. The same goes for bulimia, where sufferers regurgitate their food after they have just eaten and end up wearing away their teeth enamel from the acid. If you suffer from either ailment, you should check with your physician to see about treatment so you don’t end up with undue cavities.

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