NightLase Sleep Apnea Treatment

At McKinney Smiles, Dr. Lawrence works hard to ensure that every patient enjoys the benefits of a healthy, great looking smile. But did you know that a dentist can also help you sleep better at night?

Millions of Americans deal with obstructive sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that causes the brain to receive too little oxygen during rest, that prevents them from receiving the type of deep sleep needed to feel rested and recharged the next day. So that our patients can put the snoring and restless nights behind them, Dr. Lawrence offers NightLase treatments to help treat sleep apnea.

What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

A chronic sleep disorder, sleep apnea describes a condition where the tissue located at the back of the throat relaxes at night during rest. When the tissue relaxes it collapses to cover the airway, thereby preventing the brain from receiving the oxygen it needs. To reopen the airway and restore the flow of oxygen, the brain shocks the body out of sleep. This causes the tissue in the back of the throat to tighten and the airway to reopen. However, once a patient with apnea falls back into deep sleep the tissue once again collapses over the airway and the brain must shock the body out of sleep.

This process of shocking the body awake can happen dozens of times an hour, but because most people fall immediately back to sleep, most apnea patients never even realize what’s happening. While this may seem like just an inconvenience, constantly having the brain shock the body out of sleep actually places a great deal of strain on an individual’s health. Patients with sleep apnea have a higher risk for developing a range of health problems that include high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Fortunately, NightLase can help to treat sleep apnea so you can not only sleep better but enjoy better health as well.

How Does NightLase Works?

NightLase is a laser treatment designed to help patients dealing with sleep apnea get the rest they need. NightLase works to reduce the effects of sleep apnea by using a high intensity laser to tighten the tissue located at the back of the throat. This revolutionary treatment has received approval from the FDA, and has proven incredibly safe and effective.

NightLase’s patented laser uses precise light pulses that can safely penetrate heat into the mucosa tissue located at the back of the throat. The heat from the laser causes the tissue to tighten, thereby preventing it from collapsing over the airway during sleep. NightLase has a remarkably high success rate for producing positive changes in a patient’s sleep patterns, while also helping to eliminate snoring.

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