Learning Through ABCs!

Interested in learning more about dental medicine besides the excellent preventive care practiced by McKinney Smiles patients (that would be: regular brushing, flossing, and visits to your McKinney, Texas dentist)? We’ve compiled a list for you that is both fun and easy to remember.

Introducing: Dental Facts, in ABC format.

A is for Allergies

Did you know that a latex allergy is important to report to your dentist? Latex is used in dental medicine, so letting your McKinney, Texas dentist know about allergies or sensitivities to latex is critical.

B is for Bonding

Bonding is the adhesive of porcelain or other materials to tooth enamel, and is most often used to fix chipped teeth to recreate a whole smile!

C is for Chewing Gum

Surprised? ADA approved gums are recommended after a meal to stimulate salivation and clean the mouth.

D is for Diet

Your diet is critical to dental health. Whole foods and lots of vegetables make a big contribution to a healthy smile– and the rest of your body!

E is for Eruption

That’s the medical term used to describe a new tooth breaking through the gum surface. Our last tooth usually erupts around 18 to 20 years of age.

F is for Flossing

Maybe not a surprising fact, but certainly critical to your dental health!

G is for Grills

A grill is a decorative cover, often made of or varnished with gold, that snaps over the teeth. It is favored by some American subcultures, like hip-hop.

H is for Halitosis

Did you know that halitosis means bad breath? One of the simplest fixes is often more rigorous oral hygiene, but persistent bad breath could mean an underlying problem and should be investigated by your McKinney, Texas dentist.

I is for Implants

Dental implants are a safe, secure way to restore a beautiful smile.

J is for Jaw Pain

Persistent jaw pain should be reported to your dentist; it could indicate an underlying problem and should certainly be addressed.

K is for McKinney Smiles

Your favorite spot for great dental care!

L is for Lichen Planus

This is a chronic condition of unknown origin that affects the skin of the mouth and oral cavity and may appear as sores in the mouth. Fortunately, the symptoms can be treated, and it is usually a temporary condition.

M is for Medications

Did you know that the medications you take can affect your oral health? Side effects like dry mouth can make a big impact on your smile. If you take medications talk about them with your McKinney, Texas dentist so we can provide the best care.

N is for New

If you are new to McKinney Smiles, welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

O is for Oil Pulling

Oil pulling,” or swishing, is a new dental trend, and no scientific studies have proven its effectiveness. It is not a replacement for regular dental hygiene!

P is for Pregnant

Hormone changes place pregnant women at a higher risk for oral health problems; if you are pregnant, you should be seen by a dentist regularly during pregnancy and after.

Q is for Quick!

… it doesn’t take long to schedule regular appointments at McKinney Smiles.

R is for Root Canal

While ideally avoided, this procedure can be a lifesaver for your smile.

S is for Space Maintainer

This is a device usually used in pediatric dentistry that “saves” a space for permanent teeth.

T is for Tongue Scraper

Sound unusual? Some people use this device to combat bad breath and “clean” their tongue by scraping off the build-up.

U is for Under-Bite

Orthodontic care can help resolve an under-bite, or malocclusion.

V is for Veneers

Veneers are a type of cosmetic dentistry that can correct for stained or chipped teeth.

W is for Wisdom teeth

These third molars are the last to come in, and while many people have them removed, the procedure should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

X is for X-rays

Low radiation X-rays are an important part of monitoring the health of your mouth.

Y is for Yellow

Stained, yellowed teeth can be avoided by preventive care.

Z is for Zest

A healthy smile restores your zest for life!


Thanks for visiting our blog. We look forward to seeing you in the clinic, too!


Photo Credit: albertogp123 via Compfight cc