Community Health Outreach and McKinney Smiles

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McKinney Smiles isn’t the only clinic concerned with community dental health. We are joined by dentists around the country, equally eager to participate opportunities that promote oral health.

2014 Fall for Smiles

This fall, dental offices around America participated in Oral Health America’s Fall for Smiles campaign, a national effort to educate Americans on the critical importance of maintaining oral health. With the collective efforts of dental teams across the country, Oral Health America was able to reach tens of thousands of people.

The goal?

The campaign’s aim was to focus on prevention: what to do and what not to do to keep your mouth healthy. Participants in the campaign spoke about daily hygiene of brushing and flossing, regular dentist visits, and good dietary habits for oral health, plus lifestyle choices– like avoiding tobacco. Dentists also offered free checkups and participated in community education as well as online resources like a webinar, twitter feeds, and a photo contest.

Oral Health America’s campaign addressed young and old alike. For children, their efforts were focused on oral habits, diet, and brushing techniques, while for older adults and their caregivers, there was specific education about oral health concerns for the elderly, including oral care related to other health concerns like diabetes or heart disease.

Prevention really is the best medicine

In every sector of health, professionals continue to see that prevention is truly the best– and often only– cure for disease. Besides wanting to see every American have an opportunity for a healthy smile, Oral Health America is also acting on the growing body of research that finds links between oral health problems and other diseases like diabetes or kidney failure. This research indicates that by maintaining healthy teeth and gums, Americans can avoid other chronic diseases as well!

And McKinney Smiles is up to the challenge

At McKinney Smiles, our goal is to see our patients continue to smile year after year, but we also understand that not everyone has the information or resources to keep their health in prime condition. That’s why reaching out to our communities in and around McKinney, Texas is a priority for Dr. Lawrence and the team at McKinney Smiles. Supporting our community’s health, through campaigns like Kids Who Make Us Smile and events like “Catch the Fun” at McKinney High School and Crape Myrtle Trails 5K, is one of the cornerstones that your McKinney, Texas dental clinic is founded on.

Join us!

Interested in taking part in improving our community’s health? Know of some kids who really make us smile? Please share your ideas and inspirations with us at your next visit with Dr. Lawrence. Call or schedule an appointment online– we look forward to seeing you!

Photo Credit: jairoagua via Compfight cc